Gun seasons are upon us…

Due to scheduling, I have been behind on whitetail hunting this year, but that is about to change. This weekend marks the gun openers for many states including SD, NE, KY, etc. I am headed out to open NE’s season on Nov. 12, then straight up to SD. I only have 8 1/2 days for 3 tags. Then it is home for a few days around Thanksgiving when I will take my boys hunting a few times in KY. I will be in OH on Monday the 28th for their opener, and then on Dec. 3, I will either be in UT for a wintering ground archery elk hunt or to ND for a cold weather whitetail bow hunt. SO for the next month, I will be hitting it hard trying to rack up some quality footage.

We went out over the past two days and did a lot of shooting at the range getting all the guns tuned up and ready. My boys shot their .243 Encore and my ICON in .30TC. They shot well and both decided they liked the .30TC best. It has a nice trigger, and they shot it very well. Drew shot a 1.75″ group at 100 yards, and I figured that wasn’t bad for an 11 year-old.

I got my muzzleloader back on track after a long trip home from Africa, and my new TC .300 Win. shot like a dream. I shot it quite a bit just to get used to it, and I had numerous groups in the 1″ range. The two groups below are from that gun shooting Winchester 180 grain Accubonds. That is my favorite all around load.

I haven’t had the best fall so far, but between now and early January, I have 6 tags left to fill, so hopefully I can make up some ground. Will check in soon. Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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